Welcome Family

Welcome Family

Hello and welcome to one of my worlds,
a deeper one that I long for you to discover.

In fact, I want you closer.

I will open windows to my soul, revealing how I perceive my exterior, blend it with my interior, transform it, and reflect it.

Through my art, my stories, and reflections, also regarding my works, I will share how each day I feel more human, more creative, how I choose to navigate my life.

I will translate it into this visual language that fills me so deeply.

I hope it touches you too, or at least sprinkles you with the sweet and salty droplets of this journey. Little by little, I will share what I do and how I do it.

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For those who don't know me, I am Valentina, a woman who loves, practices, and respects freedom. I feel very fortunate to have it, though it has required its battles.

It is one of the fundamental driving forces of my expression through art.
It is the brush for my drawings, the camera that captures the memories of my journey on earth, the genuine sense of being who I am.

I celebrate it and translate it into colors, characters, stories, and an endless array of formats that appear as if by magic. About my adventures with the scents of the sea, soil, rain, coffee, and cinnamon. I hope you're engaged with me.

From this moment on, I hug you with infinite gratitude for having come this far.

Happy toes family,